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Event Year 2021

Descending Order

  • SC-EVENT #005 Fight Night! (Demo Derby)

    SC-EVENT #005 Fight Night! (Demo Derby)

    We did a good old fashioned demo derby with wheeled ground vehicles. There were 4 rounds, Cyclone, 2 Rovers, and ROCs. There were many explosions, and 4 winners. Congrats to you! After the Derby, we took to space and cleaned up Stanton of the lawless 🙂 And ended the night with an Idris battle. The videos are of rounds 3 and 4. Highlight's video of the whole event coming soon.
  • SC-EVENT #004 Fight Night! (Idris Hunt - Round 2)

    SC-EVENT #004 Fight Night! (Idris Hunt - Round 2)

    We went on an Idris Hunt. We did never ending missions with Miles Ekheart until he gave us a mission to take on a stolen Idris.
  • SC-EVENT #003 Fight Night! (Bounty Night)

    SC-EVENT #003 Fight Night! (Bounty Night)

    We took part in the XenoThreat Phase 3 event and had a blast blowing up the idris' During our event, someone thought it'd be funny (Chip I'm looking at you) to ram their talon into the Carrack's hanger. Well, the wreckage was all over the ship. Even in the cargo hold.
  • SC-EVENT #002 Fight Night! (Idris Hunt)

    SC-EVENT #002 Fight Night! (Idris Hunt)

    For our second event of 2021, we took to space and hunted down our first Idris. It was a learning curve, but we did it.
  • SC-EVENT #001 Fight Night! (Bunker Time)

    SC-EVENT #001 Fight Night! (Bunker Time)

    For our first event of 2021 we took to assaulting bunkers on the planet Hurston. The turrets have been beefed up.

Event year 2020

  • Event# 001 Mining Night

    Event# 001 Mining Night

    This event was originally slated to be a Bar Brawl, but ended up doing a Mining Night instead. We took an Argo Mole out for a spin and did some Asteroid Mining
  • Event# 002 Bounties a Plenty

    Event# 002 Bounties a Plenty

    We teamed up with a small fleet and ran bounty missions in Star Citizen
  • Event# 003 Claim Jumper

    Event# 003 Claim Jumper

    This event was originally a Capture the Flagship event, but we decided to hit up Claim Jumper missions in Star Citizen instead.
  • Event# 004 Mining Night

    Event# 004 Mining Night

    We took out an Argo Mole for some planet side mining. Even decided to do some FPS Mining as well.
  • Event# 005 Bunker Busting

    Event# 005 Bunker Busting

    We hung around the planet Hurston and raided every bunker we could. We used GravLev bikes as parasite ships to take out the bunker's AA turrets. And we used a Caterpillar as the "Carrier"
  • Event# 006 Bunker Busting (Round 2)

    Event# 006 Bunker Busting (Round 2)

    We hung around the planet Hurston and raided every bunker we could. Due to server issues we decided to not do parasite ships this time and just take one Cutlass RED out.
  • Event# 007 Bar Citizen

    Event# 007 Bar Citizen

    Due to the global pandemic, we took our quarterly Bar Citizen event online.
  • Event# 008 King of the Station

    Event# 008 King of the Station

    The bulk of this event was recorded rather than picture taken. Pictures are mainly of the after party. In this event we split the party into 2 teams, (4 v 4). Each team had one member with max criminal status (Level 5). Goal was to got to Security Port Kareah and hold it long enough for the criminal to clear their crime stat rating. During the event all 8 attendees managed to gain high crime ratings and attracted several player bounty hunters. The Event immediately turned from a 4v4 match to 8 vs who ever was dumb enough to try to collect on our bounties. Needless to say, it didn't go too well for the bounty hunters.
  • EVENT #009 False Flag Chasers

    EVENT #009 False Flag Chasers

    We tried to take every player mission that popped up. Twas a fun night.
  • EVENT #010 Hoth Scramble

    EVENT #010 Hoth Scramble

    We did a ground and air race in New Babbage on MicroTec.
  • EVENT #011 Mining Night Round 2

    EVENT #011 Mining Night Round 2

    As usual, our mining night quickly turned into something else
  • Event #012 Fight Night - Fleet Ops

    Event #012 Fight Night - Fleet Ops

    This event was our first fleet op. W all flew single or dual seater ships and ran various missions to have fun as a fleet.
  • Event #013 Fight Night! (Parasite Ops)

    Event #013 Fight Night! (Parasite Ops)

    We took a Carrack out loaded with dragonflies and tore apart some bunkers.
  • Event #014 Fight Night! (Knock Out)

    Event #014 Fight Night! (Knock Out)

    We took Fight Night back to it's roots with a classic boxing match.
  • Event #015 Fight Night! (Mining Night - Freestyle)

    Event #015 Fight Night! (Mining Night - Freestyle)

    We gathered what ground mining equipment we could and took to Yela to mine gems.
  • Event #016 Fight Night! (Mining Night - Team)

    Event #016 Fight Night! (Mining Night - Team)

    We took to ground mining again. This time we went to Arial, one of the moons of Hurston.
  • Event #017 Fight Night! (Arena Commander)

    Event #017 Fight Night! (Arena Commander)

    We took to Arena Commander to test out our dog fighting skills in our most tricked out fighter of choice. We almost beat Vandual swarm with 3 pilots. And dominated Pirate swarm with 4. All earning the right to purchase the Pirate Gladius and/or Pirate Caterpillar for use in game. Afterward we took to the PU and played around with some patrol missions and one PI mission.
  • EVENT #018 Fight Night! (Birthday Extravaganza)

    EVENT #018 Fight Night! (Birthday Extravaganza)

    We partook in the Star Citizen Birthday Event. We made a pilgrimage to Bennyhenge and then traded kills in a Gladius to earn the exclusive Vandul helmet.
  • SC-EVENT #020 Fight Night! (Murder Bus)

    SC-EVENT #020 Fight Night! (Murder Bus)

    We fully crewed a Hammer Head and patrolled the Stanton system.
  • SC-EVENT #021 Fight Night! (IAE Shenanigans)

    SC-EVENT #021 Fight Night! (IAE Shenanigans)

    We geared up with the latest in foam dart technology and stormed the IAE Expo to harass the patrons with our endless amounts of toy darts. Once we were done with the expo, we took to mining in ROC's using large ships as carriers for our mining fleet.
  • SC-EVENT #022 Fight Night! (Rover Rally)

    SC-EVENT #022 Fight Night! (Rover Rally)

    For this event we took to the planetary bodies and rallied our Rovers. This was a weapon's free event. There were lots of explosions.
  • SC-EVENT #023 Fight Night! (Mining Night)

    SC-EVENT #023 Fight Night! (Mining Night)

    We capped our 2020 year with a mining night to help rebuild some lost income from all of the other events we ran throughout the year.