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Fight Night! (Capture the Flag Ship)

April 23 @ 8:00 PM 11:59 PM MDT


Where: Port Olisar, Low Crusader Orbit, Stanton System.

When: Friday April 23rd @ 8pm Mountain Time.

Specials: Gear up! It’s time to play Capture the Flag Ship. We will need two flag ships. Both for spawn points, as well as objects to be captures. We will be splitting into two teams. The team to capture the enemy flagship and successfully take it to orbit wins.

All FPS weapons are allowed.
Ground Vehicles allowed.
Fighting on the flag ship allowed.
Air support not allowed.
Destruction of flag ship not allowed.
Let’s try to keep the spawn camping to a minimum. It’s not as fun for the camped.

Please RSVP on Discord.

Coms will be provided with the MEC server. If you need an invite use the button below.

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