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Fight Night! (Spelunking)

May 14 @ 8:00 PM 11:59 PM MDT


Where: Everus Harbor, Low Hurston Orbit, Stanton System.

When: Friday May 14th @ 8pm Mountain Time.

Gear up! It’s time to go spelunking! We are going to take all the cave missions, and get a good feel for how they are, and see if we can complete them in record time.

You’ll want plenty of glowsticks so that we can mark our way in and out. We’ll have my Carrack as the main support ship for medical facilities. As well as any gear needed, as the weapon racks will be stocked. (BYOA/A [Bring Your Own Ammo/Attachments])

Available Weapons:
Left Rack:
P4-AR Rifle
P8-SC “Stormfall” SMG
LH86 “Nightstalker” Pistol

Right Rack:
Scalpel Sniper Rifle
Gallant Energy Rifle
Archlight “Midnight” Pistol

Please RSVP on discord using the appropriate emoji.

Coms will be provided with the MEC server.



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