Fight Night (Planet Express)

September 23, 2022 @ 8:30 pm 11:59 pm


Where: Bejini Point, Low ArcCorp Orbit, Stanton System

When: Friday Sept 23rd @ 8:30pm Mountain Time. (02:30 UTC)

It’s time for a money making, and rep grinding, logistics game. We’ll be running a courier business out of a C2. We’ll have one Logistics officer in charge of taking and sharing delivery missions. As well as planning out the routes for the delivery team.

We’ll have 1+ Pisces/delivery snubs to handle the actual delivery as well as pickup.

We will need a C2 pilot.

If we have enough people we can have a storage team work the logistics on the C2 making sure packages are sorted together, which share a similar destination.

You’ll want a tractor beam for this one.

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Please RSVP using the event board on discord.

Coms will be provided with the MEC server.
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Utah Star Citizens

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