Fight Night (First Responder)

August 18, 2023 @ 8:30 pm 11:59 pm


Where: Everus Harbor, Low Hurston Orbit, Stanton System

When: Friday August 18th @ 8:30pm Mountain Time. (02:30 UTC)

We are Stanton’s first responders. We’ll hit every service beacon that pops up. Expect combat of every type. We’ll need a Multi Crew ship, and screening fighters. I’ll have a Medical Pisces on standby for when ever a medical service becon pops up.

Event Gear (official): Beacon Red Undersuit, Orc mk-X Twilight Armor (full) [Can wear a subscriber helmet instead if you wish.
Event Gear (unofficial): Red understuit, and any blue armor.

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Please RSVP using the event board on discord.

Coms will be provided with the MEC server.
Invite link:

Utah Star Citizens

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